Coki Beach, St. Thomas

Coki Beach, St. Thomas - 165/366
Ricky : “See that darker part in the water? Behind where the people are swimming… I thought that was the deep water. It’s not…”
Me : “And what is it, Ricky..”
Ricky : “It’s a gazillion teeny fish!! It’s crazy!! The lady gave us giant dog biscuits to feed them. Some bigger fish came and all the teeny fish tried to swim to shore! It was like waves of fish!. Mom didn’t get a picture of that, though. She misses all the good stuff..”
Me : “I do. I’m too slow.”

Coki Beach, St. Thomas
Ricky : “There is a chicken on the beach! I repeat, THERE IS A CHICKEN ON THE BEACH!!”

Coki Beach, St. Thomas
Ricky : “See those rocks? There are sea urchins in there. The guy said don’t step on them or someone’s going to have to pee on you…”
What the Duck : “Ew. That’s gross.”
Ricky : “Yep. Very.”


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