Snack Time

Ricky : “Mom. Are pugs picky eaters?? I gave Chip a doggy cookie and he won’t eat it!! I tried two different kinds.. He’s being difficult!”
Me : “Those cookies are almost the size of his head! They’re too big! He can’t bite them! Just give him a tiny piece.”
Ricky : “So I guess a whole can of dog food is going to be too much too, huh?”
Me : “Uhh… yeah. Definitely.”


Hard to Hold

Ricky : “I put Chip in this carrier and look! I can carry him and have my hands in my pockets!!”
Nell : “I wish I could put MINE in my pockets… Frenchie wanted to be carried, too. I don’t know where to grab!!”
Frenchie Sonny : “I’m going to fall, Nell!! Grip me tighter!!”
Nell : “UGH!”


Linda’s in the Doghouse

Ricky : “Mom. I have to tell you a serious thing.”
Me : “Okay…”
Ricky : “‘Member how we all thought Aunt Linda’s dog Coco was chubby? Well, guess what! She’s not anymore! She had a puppy! This is Chip. Aunt Linda says puppies that need a lot of attention wouldn’t be happy at her house because Coco is a diva and can’t share. Chip has to live with us now.”
Me : “Oh, really??! I’m going to have to talk to Linda…”
Ricky : “Mom! I’ll take care of him. I promise!!”
Me : “First I think you need to learn the correct way to carry him!!”



Ricky : “Mom. Look at this hood! Whose head is that fitting on?! Not mine! Is this a tiny-headed licca girl raincoat??”
Me : “Nope. That’s a Blythe raincoat, made by Takara..”
Ricky : “What were they thinking??! They know how big our heads are!!”
Me : “Maybe they want you to use an umbrella?? I don’t know…”
Ricky : “OH! Can you buy me one?? I’ll go find a cute one!”


Going to Cali

Ricky : “You’re heading to California tomorrow!”
Roary : “What you talkin’ bout, Ricky!??”
Ricky : “You’re going to BlytheCon San Francisco! You’re a raffle prize!”
Roary : “WHAT??!! NO WAY!!”
Ricky : “Yup. Everyone will have little tickets and you’ll have a bag next to you. All the people that want you to come live with them will put their ticket in your bag. Then they’ll pick a random ticket out of your bag and ‘Voila!’ that person is your new mom or dad!”
Roary : “What if my bag stays empty?? Can I go back to NY with you guys??!”
Ricky : “Do you want me to say bad things about you at BlytheCon so your bags stays empty and you can come home with me??”
Roary : “No, that’s okay. I’m sort of excited.. This will be a big adventure!”
Ricky : “Yes it will!!


Trying to Nap

Ricky : “Hey Mom.. Pssssst! You awake??!! Mom.. Mom.. Mom.. Mom.. Mommy. MommY. Momma!”
Me : “Whaaaaatt? I was asleep!! I’m sick!”
Ricky : “You’re sick? Go back to sleep! I’ll cook you dinner! I just need to find some matches…”
Me : *groans*


Hair Don’t

Ricky : “Mom…. I tried to do the big hair like Roary the Lion-Girl has…”
Me : “And..?”
Ricky : “I think I did it wrong.. Hers poofs out all over like a pretty puffy cloud. Mine just goes up!”
Me : “You look like you jumped off a cliff.”
Ricky : “That’s not helping me feel better..”
Me : “Sorry.”