No Sleep Till BlytheCon!

Ricky : “So Mom. You want people to vote for a BlytheCon in Brooklyn in 2017?”
Me : “Yup!”
Ricky : “Is that because Brooklyn reminds you of the Breakers and Rappers from the 80s? Didn’t you meet Dad at a breakdancing club?? That’s the reason you want Brooklyn!!
Me : “That’s part of the reason.  Plus there’s lots of great things to do and see there, and it’s only a subway ride from Manhattan.”
Ricky : “Where can people vote?”
Me : “In the Facebook groups; Blythe World, United Nations of Blythe, and Blythe Info (uncensored) One vote per person and voting goes until 12am EST June 1st.”
Ricky :  “Cool. Let’s go listen to this cassette, Mom.”
Me : “We don’t have a cassette player anymore…”
Ricky : “But you still have cassettes? Why??!”
Me : “Nostalgia…”