One Blue Eye

Ricky : “Mom! What did you do?? Why did you give Beatrice two different colored eyes??!”
Me : “I thought it would look cute…”
Ricky : “Mom, she already has people that don’t like her because she’s an Icy girl and not a real Blythe girl… Why should you give them another reason not to like her?! That’s mean..”
Beatrice : “WAIT. Hold up.. Who doesn’t like me? Why don’t they like me? What did I do to them??”
Me : “You didn’t do anything Beatrice. Sometimes people don’t like things for silly reasons. The people that matter, like you. They like you very much.”
Ricky : “I’m sorry, Beatrice. I didn’t mean to make you feel bad… I love you. You’re my sister.”
Beatrice : “I love you too, Ricky. And I love my two different colored eyes, Mom. Thank you!”
Me : “You’re welcome!”