Don’s Day

Ricky : “Today we are at the cemetery where Dad’s parents, grandparents, and uncles are buried. Dad brings flowers for his mom every Mother’s Day, but this year is special..”
Me : “Yes it is. Tell everyone why it’s special.”
Ricky : “Today is also Uncle Don’s birthday. He died on his 77th birthday on May 7th. Dad says he was a gentle soul.”
Me : “He was. Don was a very sweet and special man. He helped raise your Dad, and was always there for him, and everyone else in the family. Dad says he made the best peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.”
Ricky : “Didn’t he used to fall asleep holding his cup of tea and sometimes it spilled in his lap?? And didn’t he used to forget to put gas in the car… And wasn’t there a time that his car caught on fire??”
Me : “The car on fire was Grampa, not Don, lol.”
Ricky : “And I remember hearing how you had to take the knobs off the stove so he didn’t burn the house down!”
Me : “He was a quite a character. He kept us on our toes.”
Ricky : “Happy Birthday in Heaven, Uncle Don!”