All The Marbles

Darla : “Ricky? How come you let me have all the pretty marbles and you took the plain one??”
Ricky : “Darla, I get the pretty stuff every day… Today it’s your turn. Plus this marble isn’t really plain. It has history. Grandpa Corley found it buried in the yard when Mom was a kid.”
Darla : “Ohhhh. When Mom was a kid??!! That makes it an antique!!”
Ricky : “Yup.”


The Flower

Ricky : “This is a beautiful flower, Mom. It’s almost perfect..”
Me : “Why is it almost perfect?
Ricky : “Today is the day  we remember the US soldiers that died while serving our country. This flower would be perfect if it was red, white, and blue for Memorial Day!”
Me : “Oh. So will it be perfect tomorrow, when it’s not Memorial Day??”
Ricky : “Yeah. If it doesn’t burn up from the heat!!”


No Sleep Till BlytheCon!

Ricky : “So Mom. You want people to vote for a BlytheCon in Brooklyn in 2017?”
Me : “Yup!”
Ricky : “Is that because Brooklyn reminds you of the Breakers and Rappers from the 80s? Didn’t you meet Dad at a breakdancing club?? That’s the reason you want Brooklyn!!
Me : “That’s part of the reason.  Plus there’s lots of great things to do and see there, and it’s only a subway ride from Manhattan.”
Ricky : “Where can people vote?”
Me : “In the Facebook groups; Blythe World, United Nations of Blythe, and Blythe Info (uncensored) One vote per person and voting goes until 12am EST June 1st.”
Ricky :  “Cool. Let’s go listen to this cassette, Mom.”
Me : “We don’t have a cassette player anymore…”
Ricky : “But you still have cassettes? Why??!”
Me : “Nostalgia…”


Fashion & Beauty Helper

Harry : “Ricky? Can you help me find something different to wear? I’ve been wearing this outfit for a week now…”
Ricky : “Okay. Which season are you? Are you a spring, a summer, an autumn, or a winter??”
Harry : “I don’t even know what that means….”
Me : “Ricky, have you been looking through the library’s book donations again??”
Ricky : “Yes! I found ‘Color Me Beautiful’ by Carole Jackson. I also found ‘How to Cut Your Own or Anybody Else’s Hair’ by Bob Brent!! We can try that one out later, Harry!”
Harry : “MOM!!!”


Gillian’s Gift

Ricky : “Mom. I meant to give Mr. Simeon K. Nitters to Gillian as a birthday gift….”
Me : “And??”
Ricky : “I can’t do it!! I think I love him too much! He’s my favorite toy!”
Me : “Ricky, we just got him! You can’t love him that much already..”
Ricky : “I do, Mom.. I do. You’re old. You forget what it’s like to love toys! To want to play with them all the time and bring them everywhere..”
Me : ….
Ricky : “Happy Birthday Gillian, but Mr. Simeon K. Nitters is staying with me!”

Danbury Fair Mall


Ricky : “I want to ride the carousel, Mom… Those horses are beautiful..”
Me : “We’re in a hurry today.. Plus I think you may be too little to ride those horses, Ricky.”


Ricky : “Those ladies are bringing their kids.. They aren’t big!”
Me : “That’s true. How about next time we’re here, we’ll bring some of your sisters and we’ll all ride. Okay?”
Ricky : “..okay..”

Ricky : “Is that normal?? It goes that fast??”
Me : “Yes.”
Ricky : “Remind me not to eat ice cream right before I go on.. Puking on the pretty horse would be terrible!”


Happy Wiener Wednesday

Ricky : “Hey! There’s a new Sonny Angel! What is your name??”
New Sonny : “Yes. Yes it is!”
Ricky : “Huh??”
New Sonny : “What is my name.”
Moppet :We don’t know your name!  We can tell you’re a duck, but we don’t know your name…”
New Sonny : “I’m telling you my name! My name is What!!”
Ricky : “Ohhhhh.. HAHAhahahahaha!!!! I get it now!! That’s a good one, What!”
Moppet : “I don’t understand…”
Ricky : “What the Duck!!”
Moppet : “DON’T SWEAR RICKY!!”
Ricky : *groans*