Beautiful Hazel

Hazel : “Ta DAA!!”
Ricky : ♪ “Lookin’ round our yard
I can tell that you
are the most beautifullest Hazel…
in our yard!
And we have a BIG yard!!!
And when you’re on the street..
depending on the street..
I bet you are definitely in the top three..
good looking girls on the street…
yeah!!” ♪
Hazel : “Ricky did my hair!!”
Me : “I see that. Very pretty Hazel!”
Ricky : ♪ “You’re so beautiful (beautiful)
You could be an air hostess in the 60s
You’re so beautiful-ul-ul…
You could be a part…time…model”♪
Me : “Ricky? Have you been watching Flight of the Conchords’ videos again??!”
Ricky : “..maybe..”

Lyrics inspired by/stolen from “The Most Beautiful Girl (In The Room)” by Flight Of The Conchords.