Cutting Edge

Ricky : “Hey Mom. The word around town is they hired a librarian to be your library director??”
Me : “Yes, they did.”
Ricky : “That’s cool. I wore this outfit today, just in case she pops in.. It’s edgy. I want her to think we’re edgy here…”
Me : “Ohh… Does edgy mean mismatched shoes??”
Ricky : “Whaaaat??! AWE!!! I was trying to decide which pair and I forgot I had one of each on!!!”
Me : “She’s not popping in today anyways.. You’re safe. You can be edgy another time.”
Ricky : “Actually.. Two different shoes IS edgy if I pretend I did it on purpose!”
Me : “I won’t tell..”
Ricky : “Thanks Mom!”