Scamming for Candy

Ricky : “Pssst, guys. I think I know how we can get Mom to take a work break and bring us over to the store and buy us some snacks..”
Nell : “How, Ricky?”
Ricky : “One of you needs to act all woozy and fall down, then I’ll say it must be from low blood sugar!!”
Nell : “How come one of us has to fall down?? How come it’s not YOU falling down??!”
Journey : “Yeah. Nell’s right. I don’t want to fall down…”
Ricky : “It’s MY idea, that’s why! And Journey it should be YOU falling down because you’ve got shorts on!! Your outfit is better to fall down in!”
Journey : “Awe c’mon… I just got this outfit! I don’t want to get it dirty!!”
Ricky : “Fall down gently then.. Try to land on the carpet.”