Got Mints?

~ Ricky and Lupita are playing quietly in the library’s children’s room, while AnnMarie and I work the front desk.. ~
Me : “AnnMarie, have you seen the jar of Starlight Mints??”
AnnMarie : “Have I seen the what the WHAT??!! YOU KNOW I CAN’T HEAR…”
Me : “LOL! THE MINTS!! The red and white ones! They were right here on the shelf!”
AnnMarie : “Oh I don’t know. Do you want a Nips? I have Nips..”
Me : “No thanks. I don’t want any candy. I’m just wondering what happened to the mints. It’s a full jar.”
~ Meanwhile, in the children’s room.. ~
Lupita : “Uh oh!! I thought you said you asked if we could have the mints!!”
Ricky : “I did!! I asked AnnMarie….. in her bad ear. She didn’t say yes.. but she didn’t say no either..”
Lupita : “RICKY!!”