Payroll Day

Ricky : “Okay, Mom! We got this! You give me the numbers that everybody worked and I’ll add them up!”
Me : “Are you sure??”
Ricky : “Yup! Easy peasy! What’s the worst that can happen??”
Me : “Uhh.. We could be way off and someone doesn’t get as much money in their check!! Or too much money!! That wouldn’t be good either!”
Ricky : “Well…. maybe I’ll do the adding and then you double check it, okay??”
Me : “Yeah. I think that’s a good idea.”
Ricky : “I feel like Tom Hanks in Big… except this is a quiet calculator not a giant music playing keyboard! Can you say ‘beep’ and ‘boop’ each time I hit a button??”
Me : “I’ll do my best. Beep.”
Ricky : “Thanks!”