Out of Sorts

Ricky : “So Cherie.. How’s it goin’? You feelin’ okay?”
Cherie : “Eh. I’ve been better. Feelin’ a little out of sorts lately.. My vision is better than it was, but my head is cold. Not quite feelin’ put together, you know?”
Ricky : “Oh yeah, I know that feeling. My head was cold for a while, too. *points to hair* Reroot. Mom’s second. She’s slow. You’re lucky your hair is all ready for you. It’s back there on creepy ‘no eyes’ girl. She’s keeping it untangled for you and she endured the boiling water shower that made it nice and smooth.”
Cherie : “Oh. I didn’t realize that was mine. Nice.”
Ricky : “By the way, you have pretty eyes… All four sets.”
Cherie : “Thank you!”
Ricky : “You’re welcome.”