Dad’s in the Future

Me : “What are you doing outside in the rain??”
Ricky : “Mom. Dad’s over in Paris seeing Mickey Mouse and he didn’t even ask if I wanted to go….”
Me : “He’s working, Ricky… He didn’t go for fun. If it was for fun I’m sure he would have brought you..”
Ricky : “You think so? Anyways, I put my Mickey ears on and I’m holding Dad’s favorite soda… If you could take my picture out here in the rain, maybe he’ll feel super guilty for not bringing me with him..”
Me : “I could do that. Why do you have the goggles on?”
Ricky : “Dad always send us messages from the future when he’s in a different time zone… I’m pretending these are my Future Goggles, and that I can see into the future where he is!”
Me : “Nice! I like your Future Goggles!”
Ricky : “Thank you. Now let me look all sad and then you can take my picture, okay??”
Me : “Okay.”