Interview Day

Ricky : “Mom! Today is the day they do the interviews for your new boss at the library, right?”
Me : “Yup. We have interviews tonight, tomorrow and next week.”
Ricky : “Would you like me to dig up some dirt on these people?? Search for some skeletons in their closets?? I can do that I think..”
Me : “Noooo, lol. We’re good, thank you.”
Chameleon Sonny : “Can we tell the new boss that Wiener Wednesday is a library holiday that we have to celebrate? I’m sad that I’m not allowed to go there…”
Me : “Sorry Chameleon. We have a strict ‘no nudes’ policy there. I don’t see that changing anytime soon. Even with the new boss.”
Chameleon Sonny : “Fudge!”
Ricky : “You’re a chameleon, moron. Can’t you just blend in??!”
Chameleon Sonny : “Oh yeah.. Dur.”