Beautiful Hazel

Hazel : “Ta DAA!!”
Ricky : ♪ “Lookin’ round our yard
I can tell that you
are the most beautifullest Hazel…
in our yard!
And we have a BIG yard!!!
And when you’re on the street..
depending on the street..
I bet you are definitely in the top three..
good looking girls on the street…
yeah!!” ♪
Hazel : “Ricky did my hair!!”
Me : “I see that. Very pretty Hazel!”
Ricky : ♪ “You’re so beautiful (beautiful)
You could be an air hostess in the 60s
You’re so beautiful-ul-ul…
You could be a part…time…model”♪
Me : “Ricky? Have you been watching Flight of the Conchords’ videos again??!”
Ricky : “..maybe..”

Lyrics inspired by/stolen from “The Most Beautiful Girl (In The Room)” by Flight Of The Conchords.


Cocoa Worries

Ricky : “Mom? This is hot cocoa?”
Me : “Yep. That’s hot cocoa.”
Ricky : “Does hot cocoa have coffee in it?”
Me : “No… Hot cocoa is made from hot milk, sugar, cocoa powder and a pinch of sea salt.”
Ricky : “So no coffee??”
Me : “No, no coffee. Why are you so worried about their being coffee in it??!”
Ricky : “ reason… Thank you.”
Me : “You’re welcome.”


Long Day

Thursdays are usually my day off, but with it being the end of the month and the library being shorthanded, I went in and had an extra long day.. I came home and found this little one, sound asleep on the fence, wearing yesterday’s outfit, hugging her bear Gunnar..

Me : “Tomorrow we’ll play, I promise..”
Ricky : “ZZzzzzzzZZZZZZzzzzz….”


Wiener Wednesday Wishes

Ricky : “When you look at a field of dandelions, you can either see a hundred weeds.. or a hundred wishes.. Which do you see, Mom?”
Me : “I see that Dad needs to mow the lawn… This grass is wicked high!”
Ricky : “I see wishes! My first wish is that we don’t step in Sophie poop!”
Chameleon Sonny : “That’s a good wish, Ricky! We’re on poop patrol!!”
Me : “Hold on. I’ll get the pooper scooper..”


Goodbye to Journey

Ricky : “You’re moving away today?? Is it because I was bossy…?”
Journey : “No. You ARE bossy sometimes, but that’s not why I’m leaving… I knew I was only here for a visit..”
Ricky : “Are you scared?”
Journey : “Nope. Not really. My new Mom is named Laura and she’s very happy that I’m going to live with her. I’m very excited to have a forever home AND a forever Mom!”
Ricky : “And you won’t be really far away either!! That’s cool!”
Journey : “Yup! Very cool!”
Ricky : “Journey..? I’ll miss you!!”
Journey : “I’ll miss you too, Ricky!”


Cutting Edge

Ricky : “Hey Mom. The word around town is they hired a librarian to be your library director??”
Me : “Yes, they did.”
Ricky : “That’s cool. I wore this outfit today, just in case she pops in.. It’s edgy. I want her to think we’re edgy here…”
Me : “Ohh… Does edgy mean mismatched shoes??”
Ricky : “Whaaaat??! AWE!!! I was trying to decide which pair and I forgot I had one of each on!!!”
Me : “She’s not popping in today anyways.. You’re safe. You can be edgy another time.”
Ricky : “Actually.. Two different shoes IS edgy if I pretend I did it on purpose!”
Me : “I won’t tell..”
Ricky : “Thanks Mom!”


Hiking Boots

Ricky : “See my new boots, Mom? My sister Paige bought them for me.”
Me : “That was very kind of Paige. They’re very pretty!”
Ricky : “I think they’re for hiking..”
Me : “Dad is bringing Sophie on a hike today. You should go..”
Ricky : “Uhhhh. I may need to break these in.. You know?? I may get blisters if I do too much in them the first day.”
Me : “Maybe next weekend then?”
Ricky : “How about next YEAR?! They should be perfect by then.”
Me : “Lazy..”
Ricky : “..yeah.”