Candy Run

Ricky : “Nell. We have to go to Walmart with Mom and Dad to get some candy for this weekend.”
Nell : “Candy?!! I love candy!”
Ricky : “We can’t let them get the yucky jelly beans!”
Nell : “Oh no! We need the good ones!”
Ricky : “And NO BEEF JERKY! Every time Dad goes to Walmart he buys beef jerky! EWW!! That stuff stinks!”
Nell : “Yeah! EWW! And we need Peeps! Let’s put Peeps at the top of the list! Is this outfit good enough for Walmart, Ricky? Should I change..? I’ve never been there…”
Ricky : “Oh Nell!!! You are SOOOO Funny!”
Nell : “What did I say….?”


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