Ricky : “Okay Ryan.. These are your sheeps now! You have to take care of them. We all have  jobs to do and you have inherited the job of sheep herder!”
Ryan : “… I don’t know Ricky… I know nothing about the sheeps..”
Ricky : “That’s okay. They are not much trouble. You’ll be a good sheep person.”
Ryan : “Okay..”
Indy : “What’s my job, Ricky??”
Ricky : “You are moving to Idaho on Monday, so you don’t have to work here. When you get to Idaho you are going to be a potato farmer!”
Indy : “Ohhh! I like potatoes!!”
Me : “Ricky, according to you, everyone is supposed to have a job.. What’s YOUR job??”
Ricky : “You know the guy that tells everyone what to do..? I’m THAT guy!”
Me : “Why am I not surprised..”