Ryan’s Here!

Ricky : “So Mom.. This here is Ryan! She’s my new sister! The Postal worker delivered her here today!”
Me : “Hi Ryan, sweetie!! I’m glad you’re here! Ryan is from Portugal. Can you speak English? ”
Ryan : “Falo Inglês.”
Ricky : “WHAT’S THAT RYAN?? What was that she said, Mom??”
Me : “She said she speaks English, Ricky. Just speak clearly when you talk and don’t yell at her. Her ears work fine, lol! Ricky where did you get that shirt? Is that Ryan’s??”
Ricky : “I was helping her unpack and I saw it in her bag. She brought pretty clothes Mom!! I told her we share clothes and I think she nodded, so I took it!”
Me : “RICKY?!! You can’t just take her things! Don’t take anything else!”
Ricky : “Mom… I’ll be right back.. I may have grabbed a really pretty coat and cool pants, too.. I’LL BE RIGHT BACK RYAN!! I’M BRINGING BACK YOUR CLOTHES!! STAY THERE!!”
Ryan : “O que aconteceu?”
Me : “What’s happening is, Ricky is being Ricky. You’ll get used to her. Welcome home!”
Ryan : “Thank you.”