Where the Magic Happens

Ricky : “So Mom, this is where the magic happens, huh?”
Me : “Haha! It’s not really magic Ricky, but yes, this is where I work.”
Ricky : “So you are like a makeup artist?”
Me : “Sort of..”
Ricky : “I see a sharp thing over there. What’s that for?”
Me : “It’s for carving…”
Ricky : “WHAT??!!! CARVING??!!”
Me : “I may do a little plastic surgery here and there..”
Ricky : “MOM! You went to SVA, an art college! You did not go to med school!!”
Me : “I taught myself, it’s fine.”
Ricky : “It is NOT fine! Do you know what medical malpractice is??!! Omg, Mom! Does Dad know you are doing this??”
Me : “He knows.”
Ricky : “I am living in a crazy house!”