Me : “What’s wrong Ricky?”
Ricky : “Well. I heard we were bringing Paige back to school, so Ginger Snap and I got all ready and came outside.. I think we’ve been waiting out here for you guys for forever!”
Me : “Ricky, no one told you it was time to go. Paige hasn’t even showered yet…”
Ricky : “It was wishful thinking I guess. You know what Grandma says.. ‘Wish in one hand and shi….”
Me : “RICKY!! Don’t repeat that quote from Grandma!”
Ricky : “Can I say it without the swears?”
Me : “Okay.”
Ricky : “Grandma says ‘wish in one hand and poop in the other, and see which one gets filled first!”
Me : “Grandma is very wise.”