Pink and Furry

Ricky : “Sooo… Are you a bear or a girl?”
Cherie : “I’m a girl. My name is Cherie Babette.”
Ricky : “That sounds French.. Are you French?”
Cherie : “No. I don’t think so..”
Moppet : “Your dress says Paris.. Did you come from Paris?”
Cherie : “I came from Japan via Hong Kong.”
Ricky : “Via?? That’s more French talk!”
Moppet : “Do they have pink bears where you’re from??”
Me : “OMG! Girls! Would you leave poor Cherie alone! She just got here! Relax!”
Ricky : “What do you do if you have to go to the bathroom??”
Me : “RICKY!!”
Ricky : “MOM! That is a serious question! Cherie, if you have to go potty and you need help, the code word is TRUFFLE! Remember that!”
Cherie : “Okay..”