Nell’s Here!

Ricky : “So…you’re the new girl?! What’s your name, new girl?”
Nell : “My name is Nell.”
Ricky : “Really?? I had a dog named Nell. She was awesome. She got very sick and she’s in doggy heaven now..”
Nell : “Is it okay that I have the same name as her?”
Ricky : “Yeah. I think so. You have red hair like her and your eyes are like hers. Do you like piggyback rides? Nell loved them!”
Nell : “I don’t know…”
Ricky : “Can you put your ear in your mouth? Nell did that, too!”
Nell : “Uhhhh. I don’t think I can do that..”
Ricky : “Well, I can teach you the Nell things that you need to do… If you want to keep the name that is..”
Nell : “Okay..”


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