Super Bowl Day

Me : “So what are you guys going to do today?”
Ricky : “It’s Super Bowl day, Mom. Me and Tony Gnomo got all our snacks ready and we’re going to watch the game! GO COWBOYS!!”
Me : “Uhhh. Ricky. I’m guessing you aren’t really a football fan… The Cowboys aren’t playing today. They didn’t make it. It’s the Panthers vs. the Broncos.”
Ricky : “Really?? Does Dad know??! He’s at the game! He’s a Cowboys’ fan! He’s going to be so sad!!”
Me : “He knows, Ricky. He’s there because he’s working. He didn’t go to see the Cowboys.”
Ricky : “Okay. Well, I think we’ll watch the game anyways.. Mom, can you make sure Sophie doesn’t steal our snacks? She’s looking at my popcorn!”
Me : “I’ll keep her away from you guys.”
Ricky : “Thanks Mom.”