It’s Beary Hot

Ricky : “Harry?? Is that you??”
Harry : “Yes, Ricky, it’s me. What’s wrong?”
Ricky : “I tried on Cherie’s bear outfit this morning. I’ve been stuck in it all day! This outfit is HOT! I am sweating like crazy!”
Harry : “Why didn’t you take it off?”
Ricky : “I need help! It closes in the back but I can’t reach it and I can’t use my fingers! I think I’m gonna pass out!”
Harry : “Why didn’t the other girls help you??”
Ricky : “They’re inside! I tried to go in and get them but I can’t work the door!”
Harry : “Wow. You’ve gotten yourself into quite a predicament haven’t you?!”
Ricky : “Harry?? Is that you??”
Harry : “Omg. Come here. I’ll get you out.”



Me : “What’s wrong Ricky?”
Ricky : “Well. I heard we were bringing Paige back to school, so Ginger Snap and I got all ready and came outside.. I think we’ve been waiting out here for you guys for forever!”
Me : “Ricky, no one told you it was time to go. Paige hasn’t even showered yet…”
Ricky : “It was wishful thinking I guess. You know what Grandma says.. ‘Wish in one hand and shi….”
Me : “RICKY!! Don’t repeat that quote from Grandma!”
Ricky : “Can I say it without the swears?”
Me : “Okay.”
Ricky : “Grandma says ‘wish in one hand and poop in the other, and see which one gets filled first!”
Me : “Grandma is very wise.”


Pink and Furry

Ricky : “Sooo… Are you a bear or a girl?”
Cherie : “I’m a girl. My name is Cherie Babette.”
Ricky : “That sounds French.. Are you French?”
Cherie : “No. I don’t think so..”
Moppet : “Your dress says Paris.. Did you come from Paris?”
Cherie : “I came from Japan via Hong Kong.”
Ricky : “Via?? That’s more French talk!”
Moppet : “Do they have pink bears where you’re from??”
Me : “OMG! Girls! Would you leave poor Cherie alone! She just got here! Relax!”
Ricky : “What do you do if you have to go to the bathroom??”
Me : “RICKY!!”
Ricky : “MOM! That is a serious question! Cherie, if you have to go potty and you need help, the code word is TRUFFLE! Remember that!”
Cherie : “Okay..”


Cool Pants

Ricky : “Hey Lupita… What’s with the getup?”
Lupita : “Huh??”
Ricky : “Those are some cool leather pants you’ve got on today… and with that sugar skull shirt and beanie, you’re looking pretty tough.”
Lupita : “Oh geez, Ricky! I’m not tough! Mom dressed me! I think this 365 day photo challenge has her scrambling trying to come up with different outfits every day! I don’t even know where these pants came from!!”
Me : “Honestly.. I’m not sure where they came from either…”
Ricky : “HAHAHAHA!!! Lupita’s got on mystery pants!!”
Me : “Keep laughing, Ricky. You’ll be wearing them next.”
Ricky : *groans*


Tales from Krystonia

Ricky : “So Mom.. I was minding my own business, like I always do, and I see this egg. So I remembered that chickens sit on eggs to make them hatch.. I sat on this one and heard a crackle, crackle!! I jumped up and a teeny baby dragon popped out!”
Me : “So you expect me to believe you just hatched a dragon egg..?”
Ricky : “Believe what you want, but here she is!! I’m naming her Dame Maggie Smith!”
Me : “After the actress on Downton Abbey??!”
Ricky : “Yes. We don’t need to be all formal though. You can just call her Maggie… or The Dowager!”
Me : “Omg.”


A Typical Wednesday

Ricky : “I’m thinking there may be an imposter here……”
Me : “Oh, do you think so?”
Ricky : “Yeah…. Hey you! I think you forgot part of your disguise!”
Tiger Sonny : *muffled* “Well now that you mention it, I do feel a wee bit of a draft… Happy Wiener Wednesday!!”
Ricky : “Thanks.. You might want to cover yours up now!”
Tiger Sonny : *muffled* “Good idea. Would you be a dear and hand me my bottom??”
Ricky : “Sure thing.”


Nell’s Lids

Ricky : *whispers* “Pssst, Mom… You see this??”
Me : “See what?”
Ricky : “I came in to wake up Nell… I never saw her with her eyes closed. She has our Nell tattooed on her eyelids. You see her??”
Me : “I see her! Sarah did the artwork on Nell’s lids. There’s a paw and hearts too. Nell is very special.”
Ricky : “And I gave her such a hard time about having the name Nell… I didn’t know that she had this! Tattoos hurt! She is very brave!”
Me : “I don’t think it hurt though…”
Ricky : “Mom, you don’t know..”
Me : “Sorry. You’re right. I don’t know.”