Free All The Cats!

Me : “Ricky.. Where did you get that toy??”
Ricky : “I rescued it!”
Me :Rescued it??!
Ricky : “It was in your studio. In a bag that said wooden pull toy and made in Japan. It’s a cat, and cats can’t breathe in plastic bags! I’m pretty sure I saved it’s life! I’m a hero, Mom!”
Me : “Ricky. That cat was actually a valuable collector’s item! It was in mint condition, in it’s original packaging!”
Ricky : “Were you going to sell it??”
Me : “No…”
Ricky : “So you were just going to let it sit in it’s bag forever and ever?? That’s not fun! Well Mom. The cat’s out of the bag now and I’m taking it for a walk! I’ll see ‘ya later!”