Lost in Translation

Darla : “Ricky. Whasth that thmell?”
Ricky : “Darla! Was that English? I don’t understand a word you are saying!”
Darla : “What ith that thmell? I think I thmell thnow. Ith it thupposed thoo thnow??”
Ricky : “Thnow?”
Darla : “Yeth! Thnow! The cold white sthuff that fallth from the thsky!”
Ricky : “Omg. SNOW! Yes, I smell snow! We have a snowstorm coming!”
Darla : “I thought tho!”
Ricky : “Is your tongue still swollen from being stuck to the tetherball pole?”
Darla : “Ith it that notithable?”
Ricky :..a little..