Moppet : “What’s wrong, Ricky?”
Ricky : “My stomach hurts… and my heart feels sad.”
Moppet : “Is it because our big sister Paige is going back to college today?? I’ll miss her too…”
Ricky : “It was nice having her home..”
Moppet : “I’m sure she will come home sometimes and we can go visit. It’s not that far away. And there’s a mall there! Mommy can bring us shopping!”
Ricky : “That’s true. And I like going to the mall. Is it okay if I’m sad today though, Moppet? I’ll be okay tomorrow.”
Moppet : “It’s okay, Ricky. Everyone needs to have one of those days once in a while. Maybe we can get some ice cream and watch some sad movies later… We can have a good cry, okay?”
Ricky : “Thanks Moppet.”