Dunkin Run

Dunkin Run Part One - 16/366
Ricky : *talking in a funny voice*
“Hello! I’m Mr. Mutant Donutzie! Boy am I lonely! I wish Ricky and Rainie could walk me across the street to Dunkin Donuts so I could see my donut friends! Maybe you could give them some money so they could get a snack?”
Me : “I could give you some money but you guys can’t cross the street by yourself.. If you wait till my lunch break I’ll bring you guys over”
Ricky : “Okay Mom. We’ll wait in front of the library.”
Rainie : *Whispers*
“Pssst! Ricky. Was that him talking before or was that you..??!”
Ricky :

Dunkin Run Part Two
Ricky : “Do you want to play punch buggy while we wait for Mom?”
Rainie : “What’s that?”
Ricky : “Whenever a VW Bug goes by, the first person that sees it says ‘PUNCH BUGGY’ and then you punch the other person!”
Rainie : “MOM!!!! HURRY UP!!!”