It’s Never Like in the Movies

Me : “Ricky… What are you doing??”
Ricky : “Mom. I honestly don’t know how I got into this predicament! Aunt Carolyn got me this pretty outfit and this poofy, cotton candy lookin’ chair for Christmas. I put on the outfit, did some twirls, and then I thought, what would make me look even fancier? So I grabbed this puppy! All the princessy girls in movies have a dog…”
Me : “And…?”
Ricky : “In the movies the dogs are really good! They stay put! The girls carry them around in their purse and they behave!”
Me : “Were you trying to put the puppy in your purse?!! He’s too big!”
Ricky : “Well, I see that now!!”
Me : “Where is your purse?”
Ricky : “I think it flew off behind the poofy chair when he ran up me and perched on my head!!”