Off to Work

Ricky : “Ok Moppet, here’s the plan! Mommy is bringing us to work at the library today. She always has us stand by that dumb card catalog or on the hold shelf, and we KNOW how boring that is! Today, when Mommy isn’t looking, we are going to rescue the candy from the candy dish! You know, the candy that’s for library patrons, that they keep in a basket at the front desk .”
Moppet : “But aren’t WE library patrons? Won’t we just get candy if we asked for some??”
Ricky : “Moppet.. Where is your sense of adventure?!! How is asking for candy fun??”
Moppet : “It’s fun because then we’ll get to eat candy instead of getting into trouble.”
Ricky : “That is an excellent point, but what if Mom says no..”
Moppet : “oh….Should I go back inside and get my big bag? We could carry more candy that way.”
Ricky : “Good thinking, Moppet ‘Danger’ Barto!!”