Mr. Bear

Juju Bear : Hello ladies!! Good morning and Happy Spring to you both!”
Ricky : “Uhhh.. Don’t really want to burst your bubble there Mr. Bear but it’s still winter!”
Juju Bear : “WHAAAT??! How can that be?? It FEELS like spring! That’s why I woke up!”
Ricky : “Well, you woke up too early! Go back to sleep!”
Juju Bear : “But I can’t go back to sleep!! I’m not tired!”
Rainie :
“If you come inside I’ll make you some warm milk. Mom always makes that for us when we can’t sleep…”
Juju Bear : “Oh that would be wonderful!! Thank you!”
Ricky : “I hope he’s not lactose intolerant..”


Finding Friends Online

Me : “Girls.. What did you do??”
Latte : “Ricky said Weenie needed friends.. We found these guys on Craig’s List. She told us you said it was okay!!”
Ricky : “I said it was probably okay…”
Lupita : “I named this one Pepper. He loves me I think.”


Disco Boogie

Ricky : “Mom. Is this the kind of stuff you wore when you were a kid?”
Me : “Pretty much.”
Ricky : “Did you have a boombox like this?
Me : “Yes I did.”
Ricky : “Did you have a fanny pack??”
Me : “No I did not.”
Ricky Sr. : “Don’t lie…”
Ricky : “Dad says you’re lying!”
Me : “Tell Dad to show you what is in his armoire! Then we’ll see who had the fanny pack!”
Ricky Sr. : “Ricky, I am holding that for your mother! That fanny pack was hers!”
Me : “Oh the lies that are coming out of your face right now!!”
Ricky : “It’s okay, Mom. I know the fanny pack was Dad’s. Dad, you’re still cool even if you wore a fanny pack.”
Ricky Sr. : “Would it make a difference if I told you the fanny pack was leather??”
Ricky : “No. Not really.”



Ricky : “Tash, You’re going back home to Canada soon..”
Tash : “I know…”
Ricky : “Are you excited to see your mom? You’ve been here quite a while.. ”
Tash : “I loved being here. It’s always great being on vacation. Especially a Blythe spa one. I feel very refreshed, but I’m ready to go see my mom and to see my sisters again.”
Ricky : “It’s like you just got feeling better and now you’re leaving! We’re going to miss you, you know.”
Tash : “I know. I’ll miss you guys, too!”
Ricky : “Try to convince your mom to bring you to BlytheCon San Francisco so I can see you again, okay?”
Tash : “Okay!!”


Puppy Patience

Ricky : “Mom. Weenie’s not going potty. He starts to go, and then a car drives by and he stops! He tries again, and he hears a bird and he stops!”
Me : “Training a puppy takes time, Ricky.”
Ricky : “We have been out here for hours and hours!!”
Me :
“It’s been five minutes…”
Ricky :Really??
Me : “Really..”
Ricky :  “Maybe we can put one of those cone things on his head so he doesn’t get distracted??”
Me : “Uh.. no.”
Ricky : “Ugh. Weenie, stop looking at me with those puppy dog eyes and do some poops!!”


Happy Wiener Wednesday!

Ricky : “RAWWRR! I am a fierce and f’rocious lion!”
Tiger : “And I am a fierce tiger… rarr?”
Ricky : “That’s not fierce..”
Tiger : “Rawr?”
Ricky : “C’mon!! Be scary!!”
Tiger : “RAAAWWWRR!!! Was that better? Was I scary??”
Ricky : “Meh. Not really. Your roar was pretty good, but then I looked down and I started to giggle!”
Tiger : …



Ricky : “Me and Sugar traded clothes today! Doesn’t she look pretty??! I think she could be a supermodel! Her stage name would be Crayon! But you have to say it with a French accent ’cause she’s just that fancy!
Sugar : “I even rainbowed my hair. I’m that dedicated to being Crayon!”
Me : “Did you guys know that crayon in French actually means pencil in English?”
Ricky : “MOM! Why do you have to ruin stuff all the time!”
Me : “Ricky… Are you using your socks as a scarf??”
Ricky : “MOMMM! UGHHHH!!”