Working Girls?

Me : “Ummmm, Lupita? When I said keep yourselves busy while I work, this is not what I had in mind…”


Happy Wiener Wednesday!

Sophie wakes up to find Ricky, Rainie and a Sonny Angel posing behind her for a Wiener Wednesday picture.

Ricky in a whisper : “Shhhh..Don’t make any noise Rainie..”
Rainie whispers back : “Why? Penelope never cared if we took pictures with her..”
Ricky : “Penelope was big. See how small this one is. She’s a baby and she’s teething. She will use us as a chew toy!”
Rainie : “That’s not funny Ricky..”
Ricky : “This is one time I’m not trying to be funny. Now shut your pie hole, Rainie, before one of us loses an arm!”
Rainie : “Ahhhh. I think I’m gonna pee!”