Happy Wiener Wednesday!

Rooster tries buttering up Ricky.
He thinks he should be able to ride in Lupita’s basket of wubba chikens for Wubba Wednesday..
Lupita is not giving him the time of day and refuses to make eye contact! She’s heard about the sonny angels and their crazy Wiener Wednesday shenanigans!!
She wants no part of their debauchery!


Happy Birthday Mom

My girls knew this birthday would be bittersweet for me with Penelope’s passing two days ago. They had bought me a gift last week, a frame to hold Penelope’s picture.
Thank you girls. She was the best dog ever. ❤

The frame was actually bought by my two daughters, Gillian & Paige. XoXo


Back to School/Happy Wiener Wednesday

Ricky just got home from the first day of school.. DW wants to know if Ricky has any souvenirs in her backpack…
Ricky : “I was at school DW, not on vacation.”
DW : “The sonny angels lied to me! They said you were going somewhere that would expand your horizons and help you learn things you didn’t know. I thought you were going someplace good!”
Ricky : “I did! And if you want, I can read to you later!! Is a book a good souvenir??”
DW : “It is! Why didn’t you say you had books?!!”