They Have a Berry Short Fuse..

Ricky : *sniff, sniff* “What’s that smell??”
Fig Newton : “I didn’t do it!!”
Ricky : “Fig! It’s a good smell, not a bad smell!”
Darla : “I think it’s the girl that looks like a pink mushroom..”
Strawberry Shortcake : “My Name is Strawberry Shortcake and I’m berry glad to meet you!”
Ricky :Berry glad?!?”
Strawberry Shortcake: “Yes. Berry glad! I think we’re going to be berry best friends!! You all seem berry, berry nice!”
Rainie : “Oh Geez! I can see this getting berry annoying, berry quickly. How about we berry her in the back yard..?”


Wiener Wednesday

The girls decided the best way to spend this Wiener Wednesday was to spend it visiting their sister, Penelope.
Ricky and Rainie each brought a sonny angel.
Harry, thinking any type of wiener would do,
brought a dachshund instead…


Fringe Fan

Me : “Ricky. What are you doing?”
Ricky “I got these special blocks from my friend Scott. He got them from his friend, Walter Bishop. I’m going to build a bridge!”
Me : “Ricky. You’re just stacking them into a tower… It doesn’t look like a bridge…”
Ricky : “Not THAT type of bridge Mom! A bridge to a parallel universe!!”
Me : “You have such an”
Ricky : “Almost ready.”
…portal starts to open…
Ricky : “See it Mom?!! I love you! I’ll be back later!!”
Me : “What the f—?!??!?”

I just want to thank my friend Juliet and her husband Scott for making this picture possible! Scott worked as the Location Manager for the TV series Fringe. When he heard that my whole family loved the show, he gave us a gift.
One of the ‘Fringe’ benefits to working on the show, lmao!!
These wooden blocks have the word Fringe on them and also contain all the graphics used in the opening credits of the show