Can you Spare a Dime?

Me : “Hey Ricky. Are you holding up that bike rack?”
Ricky : “Maybe I am.. or maybe every time I try to roll my foot back up onto the sidewalk, gravity and these durn slippy wheels bring me right back down into the dirt!! I think I’ll just wait here till you’re done with work anyways. Can you lay my hat down on the ground? Maybe patrons passing by will cough up some change and I can crawl over to Dunkin Donuts and get a snack.”
Me : “RICKY!!”


New Skates!

Ricky : “Mom. These wheels are very slippy. I don’t think this was a good idea..”
Me : “You’ll get it Ricky. I used to be able to do cartwheels and splits on mine. If I can do it, you can do it!”
Ricky : “Mom. Did you hit your head maybe?? Cartwheels and splits?? That’s crazy. I can’t believe anything you say now!”
Ricky rolls her eyes at me
Me : “It’s true Ricky. It was the 1980s. Skating was very popular. I had glitter laces in my skates and stretchy satiny skate-covers! Grandma would drive me to the rink every weekend. You should see the cool clothes we…. ”
Ricky : “OK MOM. If you could just hop on out of your time machine there and help me it would be much appreciated, thanks!”


Happy Wiener Wednesday!

Ricky and Rainie are admiring each other’s shoes poolside when the Sonny Angels and Robby approach…

Frenchie : “Ooo la la!! Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir??”
Ricky : “Keep it up and your naked butt is going to be thrown in that pool!! I have a pull string lasso and I know how to use it!!! Just move along buddy and take your little naked friends with you!! Get to steppin’!!”
Rainie : “Oh my Ricky! You are just the bee’s knees!!”

New Sister

First Convo..Ricky : “DID YOU SWIM HERE? Uhhhh… sorry… *whispers* did you swim here?”
Rainie : “No. I flew on an aeroplane. Why did you think I swam here??”
Ricky : “Well…you’re wearing a bathing suit and a swim cap..soo….”
Rainie : “My birth mum Gemma dressed me in this! I think I look cute!”
Ricky : “You do. Do you think I can borrow it sometime? I’ll let you borrow my clothes too!”
Rainie : “Sure!! Ricky…I think we’re going to be very good friends.”
Ricky : “Me too! MOM! SHE CAN STAY!!”Plane RideRicky : “Rainie, were you scared to leave your mum and fly on your own?”
Rainie : “Yes. Flying on the plane was scary and I miss my mum….”
Ricky : “My mom will take good care of you and you can talk to your mum whenever you want. Okay?”
Rainie : “Thanks Ricky. I’m not as scared anymore, but I’m very tired.”
Ricky : “I think you have jet legs! That what happens when you fly far away. You should take a nap.”
Rainie : “Okay. Will you stay with me?”
Ricky : “Yup. I’ll be right here.” Jet LegsRicky : “Mom. Rainie has jet legs. I’m going to take care of her while she sleeps. *whispers*.. I think I love her already mom. thank you… and tell Gemma I said thank you..”
Me : “I’ll tell her.” ♥Keeping an Eye OutRicky watches closely while Rainie takes her nap.