Happy Wiener Wednesday??

Ricky : “Mom. I think he needs to be fixed..”
Me : “Why’s that Ricky??”
Ricky :“There’s a lump there.. It’s obviously a mistake. May I see your carving tools, please??”
Me : “Yeah, uhh, NO. That’s supposed to be there. He’s fine. Just leave him be.”

Obviously the daughter of a customizer. She thinks like one!


Still Snowing…

Me : “Ricky, why are you looking at Sydney that way?”
Ricky : “She has let me down!”
Me : “How has Sydney let you down??”
Ricky : “Surfer Sydney the Sunshine Girl!”
Me : “Yeah, so?”
Ricky : “Well, excuse my French but, where the hell is the sunshine?? She got here last week! It’s still snowing!”
Me : “Ricky. People can’t actually bring sunshine with them… It’s just a saying.”
Ricky : “Oh… Sydney??”
Sydney : “Yeah, Ricky?”
Ricky : “I’m sorry I was grumpy at you. I think I’m suffering from snow madness. Also, don’t eat the sandwich I made you for lunch. Ok?”
Sydney : “Okay…?”