Ricky : “Mom, Do they celebrate Wubba and Wiener Wednesday in Hawaii?”
Me : “I’m sure they could if they knew about it..”
Ricky : “Ok. I’ll see you later then Mom”
Me : “Where are you going?”
Ricky : “My sister Gillian is moving there tomorrow, so I’m going to head there now. I should be there by next Wednesday. I’m bringing these guys with me.”
Me : “Ricky, she’s moving to Hawaii!”
Ricky : “I know that Mom. That’s why I’m wearing short sleeves.”
Me : “Honey, you can’t walk to Hawaii. It’s too far and it’s across the ocean..”
Ricky : “So you’re saying it may take longer than a week?”
Me : “Yes, Ricky. That’s what I’m saying.”