Happy Wubba/Wiener Wednesday

Sydney offers the Sonny Angel a Wubba Chiken, to celebrate Wubba Wednesday, all the while making sure to maintain eye contact, so as not to offend him.

Ricky thinks it’s funny that Sydney is worried about Sonny’s dignity.. They celebrate Wiener Wednesday for crying out loud!



Ricky : “Mother. I must ask you a question.”
Me : “Do you mean you ‘mustache’ me a question?”
Ricky : “HUH??”
Me : “Nevermind..”

Thanks Piparrot for the mustache!


Bed Time

Ricky : “Mom. Does Juju look tired to you? I’m exhausted and she doesn’t look tired at all..”
Me : “Did you two have a glass of milk before bed?”
Ricky : “I had milk. She added stuff to hers..”
Me : “What did she add to her milk??”
Ricky : “Espresso. She kept saying double shot.. double shot.. Is that bad?”
Me :“Uh oh. It’s going to be a long night..”


Happy Wiener/Wubba Wednesday!

Juju performs a stunning rendition of ‘5-Piece Chicken Dinner’ on the wubba chiken. Not a very appropriate piece to perform on Wubba Wednesday, but the rest of the gang were very impressed.



Ricky : “Mom, Do they celebrate Wubba and Wiener Wednesday in Hawaii?”
Me : “I’m sure they could if they knew about it..”
Ricky : “Ok. I’ll see you later then Mom”
Me : “Where are you going?”
Ricky : “My sister Gillian is moving there tomorrow, so I’m going to head there now. I should be there by next Wednesday. I’m bringing these guys with me.”
Me : “Ricky, she’s moving to Hawaii!”
Ricky : “I know that Mom. That’s why I’m wearing short sleeves.”
Me : “Honey, you can’t walk to Hawaii. It’s too far and it’s across the ocean..”
Ricky : “So you’re saying it may take longer than a week?”
Me : “Yes, Ricky. That’s what I’m saying.”