Deep Snow

Ricky : “Isa. Didn’t I say the snow was deep there??”
Isa : **snow muffled affirmations**
Ricky : “And yet you still walked over there?!?”
Isa : **more snow muffled affirmations**
Ricky : “Mom. I honestly think all those years in that box may have made her soft in the head. She doesn’t listen.”
Me : “She’ll learn Ricky. Have some patience.”
Ricky : “I’ll try Mom, but I’m keeping her box out just to remind her where she came from..”


Lying in the Snow

Isa : “So, this is snow..”
Ricky : “Yup.”
Isa : “It’s wet and cold. Why are we lying down in it again??”
Ricky : “Because it’s fun.”
Isa : “Uh… yeah..ok.. woo hoo. Can we go back inside now?!?”



Isa : “Ricky, that lemon snowcone you gave me earlier..”
Ricky : “Uh huh..”
Isa : “Where did you get the yellow snow??”
Ricky : “It’s a secret… AND DON’T TELL MOM!!”


Ricky’s Feeling Foxy!

Ricky : “Mom. Everyone met my new sister Isa today,so now that she’s had her moment, I want everyone to see my new shirt.”
Me : “Okay, I’ll post a picture.”
Ricky : “And you can tell them that I’ll share it with Isa, but I get it first. I’m the big sister and that’s the law.”
Me : “The law??”
Ricky : “Yes, Mom. It is. Don’t question legal things, okay?!”


What the Heck is That??!

Me : “It’s a pug. A pug is a small dog”
Ricky : “Mom. That is NOT a dog. It looks ridiculous.”
Me : “It IS a dog. It’s for you and your sisters.. Her name is Fiddy”
Ricky : “Fiddy?!? Why is she called Fiddy??”
Me : “Because she cost 50 cents….”
Ricky : “MOM. Take her back and get me two blowpops instead. Okay??”


Slumber Party

Ricky : “So Hulk, since you’ve come out of the closet, there’s been a lot of talk around here about Kenners. Do you know anything about this??”
Hulk : “Rawrr??”
Ricky : “They’re saying if we find you a home, that a Kenner is going to come live here.”
Hulk : “..rawr???”
Ricky : “Yeah. I think it’s all talk honestly and we really don’t need one of those Kenner divas coming here. I’d rather have you stay.”
Hulk : “Rawr! <3”

Btw – Hulk is not gay, he was actually in a closet.