Try to get a nice picture and there’s always that one kid….

Beatrice : “But I’m not touching you….
Still not touching you. You can’t even see my hand, so I’m definitely NOT touching you. Oh no, Corley and Ricky, maybe I left my hand in the house… Can you guys do that? Nope. Didn’t think so..”
If Beatrice keeps this up she may find her hands have gone missing. I wouldn’t blame the other girls at all..


Hey! Wait for Me!

Ricky : “Dad asked us girls if we wanted to go ride the four wheeler in the snow. I went to get my goggles and I heard him drive away..”
Me : “I think he was just asking me and Gillian, Ricky. Not you.”
Ricky : “Well, geez. That wasn’t very nice of him.”
Me : “No, Ricky. It wasn’t. I’ll have to have a talk with him.”
Ricky : “Thanks Mom.”


Ricky’s Hat

Ricky : “Mom, I love this hat! I can hear Dad’s car coming from miles and miles away!!”
Me : “Honey, the ears are decorative. You aren’t hearing with them..”
Ricky : “I beg to differ. Here’s Dad.”
….and Rick’s car pulls into the driveway…
Me : O.o


Paddington the Bad Influence

Ricky : “Mom. I think Paddington may need his mouth washed out with soap.”
Me : “Why do you say that, Ricky?”
Ricky : “I asked him if he was the famous Paddington Bear from London”
Me : “And…?”
Ricky : “He said, does a bear shi..
Me : “RICKY!!!”
Ricky : “I didn’t say it mom! HE said it!”

Ricky’s Dad brought Paddington home from his trip to London. We may have to have a talk with him about his language.



Ricky : “Do you think he can see me Mom?”
Me : “Who, honey?”
Ricky : “Dad. He’s flying home today and I thought if I wore this red Pepsi shirt, dad could see me from the plane..”
Me : “Ricky, honey, you can’t stand out in the rain all day..”
Ricky : “It’s only a little bit of rain. I’ll be okay. Dad’ll like my shirt I think. Even if it gets wet.”
Me : “I’m sure he will.”
Ricky’s dad collects Pepsi stuff and works for Pepsi