“Mom. Reed Isn’t Sleeping.”

Ricky: “I told her to close her eyes and go to sleep. I let her borrow Gunnar, my bear. She’s safe here. It’s her forever home. Why won’t she close her eyes and go to sleep?”
Me: “Honey. She’s a Middie. Middies CAN’T close their eyes…”
Ricky: “Oh.”



“Mom. I have to tell you something…
Pinky promise you won’t be mad, okay???”


One Year

The girls decided to surprise me with a gourmet yodel.
Since they didn’t have a candle, Beatrice thought it was a good idea to light the cherry on fire.
Ricky is always afraid when Beatrice has her “good ideas”


Nerds are Cool

Burly Sounding Narrator Voice: “Here we see the nerds at play… Are they out getting some sun on such a beautiful day??
Hells no!! They’re inside playing video games on their computers!
What we are actually observing here is known as a WoWSoP.
A World of Warcraft sleepover party.”

Ricky: “Beatrice! Can you keep your dwarf ‘toon’s clothes on, puhhlease!!??”

Beatrice: “Heh heh hehh…. Plum likes to let ’em hang loose baby!!!”



King Ricky: “What did you say, Black Knight Zombina???”
Black Knight Zombina: ((muffled muttering in Zombie))
King Ricky: “I can’t understand you with that cheese grater still on your head!”

It’s all fun and games till someone loses an eye! Lucky for Black Knight Zombina I can sew!! Getting that cheese grater off was not easy!!!