Voting Time


Ricky at the Mall

Momma, Can You Spare a Dime?

Ricky : “Mom.. You got any money in your purse??”
Me : “Maybe.. Why??”
Ricky : “I wanna sit in the vibrating massage chairs and get a massage!”
Me : “Uhh.. No. I don’t have money for that!”

No Golden Girl Cereal!

Ricky : “Weren’t you supposed to check for something in Target next time we were at the mall??”
Me : “Yes… I wanted the Golden Girls cereal with the Funko Pop Mini Rose inside… But it’s already sold out.”
Ricky : “AWWW!! That stinks!!”
Me : “I know! She was going to be friends with our Tiny Tina Belcher from Bob’s Burgers!!”


Ricky : “Psssttt. Mom! Don’t look now, but there’s people looking at us.. Act normal.”
Me : “How??”
Ricky : “I DON’T KNOW!! You’re the grown up!!”
Me : “GAH!!”


The Doctor Is In…?

Ricky : “Well Doc… I’m seeing spots. Lots and lots of spots! I think I have a brain tumor.”
Me : “Firstly.. I am not your Doc! Secondly, you are seeing spots because you are laying down in a miniature version of Yayoi Kusama’s Obliteration Room.. Thirdly, you do NOT have a brain tumor!”
Ricky : “But when I checked my symptoms on Google, Google said..”
Ricky : “GAH! OKAY!! Hey, this room is really cool that Katja and her girls made, huh??!!”
Me : “It’s awesome!!”


Duncle Jerry’s Birthday Dinner

Birthday Dinner - Part One

Ricky : “Duncle Jerry’s birthday was a few days ago. We’re having a birthday dinner for him at Grandma’s house. I have to wear this birthday hat again.”
Me : “It’s a cute hat!”
Ricky : “I know it’s a cute hat! It’s an adorable hat! It was adorable when we got it in Vancouver 3 years ago! We need to get another birthday hat! I’m boring people with this hat! They see it and they say, ‘Oh we saw that hat on Ricky already!!’ and then they do a big yawn!”
Me : “I don’t think so..”

Birthday Dinner - Part Two 

Me : “Maybe we can do something to make that hat a little more exciting…..”
Ricky : “I’m listening..”

Birthday Dinner - Part Three

Ricky : “Seriously Mom… Putting the birthday hat on over top of my knit hat?? This was your great idea to make things more exciting??”
Me : “I think it looks awesome.”
Ricky : “You are very easily impressed..”

Birthday Dinner - Part Four

Ricky : “I have an idea.. Hold on. Keep your hand still.”
Me : “Okay..”

Birthday Dinner - Part Five

Ricky : “Ta DAA!! Don’t drop me or let me fall backward!”
Me : “I’ll do my best..”
Ricky : “Uhhh. Do better than your best, MOM!”
Me : “OKAY!”


Post Comic Con

Ricky : “Soooooo… We saw so many cool things at NY Comic Con… I got this Rilakkuma love seat and this book! Adam signed it!!”
Me : “Yeah.. Next year we’re bringing the rest of the family..”
Ricky : “That’s smart. That way we can grab more of the free stuff, buy lots more of the cool things we see, AND have them help us carry it!!”
Me : “I was thinking more that we can take advantage of the photo ops if we have other people with us.. Maybe someone could take OUR picture. I never have any pictures with me in them…”
Ricky : “That’s a good idea. One day when you’re dead, we’re going to go through all our pictures, and we’re going to think you died a lot sooner than you did because you aren’t in any of the family photos..”
Me : “Well… that’s a little morbid but yeah..”


High Score

Ricky : “Yeah…. I got the high score on Asteroids… No big deal…”
Moppet : “It really IS no big deal.. We just got it. You’re the first to play..”
Moppet : “Geezzz…. RELAX!”


Ready for NY Comic Con… Tomorrow.

Ricky : “Okay! I’m ready!! I fit perfect in here!!”
Me : “Ok cool.”
Ricky : “So when we leavin’??!!”
Me : “It starts tomorrow, so we’ll leave tomorrow..”
Ricky : “WHAAATT??!! If it starts tomorrow then why am I in here now??!!”
Me : “I wanted to make sure you fit…”
Ricky : “Well… I do fit! NOW GET ME OUT!! I think my oxygen is running out… I feel light headed and woozy.. I’m getting weak…. Mother…? mother…? are you there…??” **gasp**
Me : “If you die you won’t meet Jordan Hembrough tomorrow…”
Ricky : “Is he going to ask for my autograph?”
Me : “I doubt it.”
Ricky : “Hmmphf!”