Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

Ricky : “I would like to wish my Dad a Happy Father’s Day because he’s the best dad out of all the dads. All the other dads would say you don’t wear wooden clogs with goggles, but NOT my Dad! He says they match great!”
Me : “So you’re wishing him a Happy Father’s Day because he says what you want to hear??”
Ricky : “No. I’m saying he’s the best Dad because he lets me, be me! He also lets you drag him around the world because you like to take pictures of dolls!”
Me : “Ahhhh, very true! Happy Father’s Day, Ricky Sr!!”


Anniversary Dinner

Ricky : “Today it’s my parents’ 27th wedding anniversary! They’ve been together FOREVER and we’re going to eat at McKinney & Doyle’s to celebrate!! WOO HOO! I’m getting the lobster risotto!!”
Me : “Me and dad are going out to eat…. You’re staying home and watching Dallas..”
Ricky : “No risotto??!!”
Me : “Nope.”
Ricky : “Can you slip a piece of bread into your purse then?? I don’t wanna starve to death!”
Me : “I’ll see what I can do.”


The Country Living Fair

Visiting the Country Living Fair

Me : “Eyeball?? Just the one??”
Ricky : “Mom… What if the person reading it has only one eyeball??!! I don’t want to say ‘eyeballs’ and have them feel left out!!”
Me : “omg.”

Group Photo!

Ricky : “Pssst, Mom? What’s that song by that guy??”
Me : “I have no clue what you’re talking about..”

It Always Feels Like...

Ricky : “You know the song, Mom!! I think his name was Rockwell.. Michael Jackson sang it with him!”
Me : “Hmmm… It’s an old song, then??”
Ricky : “GAH! MOM! THINK!”

Starstruck.. Lol

Me : “Ricky what song is it you’re trying to make me guess?? Can you sing a few lines??”
Ricky : **whispers** “goodness, mom… I am trying to tell you in a roundabout way that this girl is staring at me….”
Me : “OHHH! THAT Rockwell song! ‘Somebody’s Watching Me’ I remember that one!!”
Ricky : “Is she still looking at me??!”
Me : “YUP!”

New Outfit!

Ricky : “I just changed my clothes out in public here at The Country Living Fair! One of my superfans, Susan from SkippyDoodleDesigns, made me this outfit! It has my book cover on the front and a long scarf I can twirl around! She totally gets me, huh Mom?!!”
Me : “Yes she does! Did you tell her thank you??”
Ricky : “I let her take my picture.. That’s how I say thank you..”
Me : “Uhhh… Next time say ‘thank you’ by actually saying the words, okay?”
Ricky “If you insist.”
Me : “I do.”

We had a great day!

Ricky : “Thank you, Jen, for inviting us to be a part of The Country Living Fair again this year! I loved meeting everyone! Hey, green haired girl?? What’s going on to your left there?? Is that someone’s feet buried under your hair there??! Is she okay??!! I hope she’s okay..”
Me : “It was a long day.. She’s just resting..”
Ricky :“Okayyyyy… If you say so.”


Grandma Has Been Released!

Grandma Has Been Released!

Ricky : “Grandma is out of the hospital and we’re at her house, waiting to visit her. She’s at a doctor’s appointment right now. I’m checking out her lawn ornaments while we wait. Mom? Is this angel supposed to have something in her hands??”
Me : “I think she used to have a harp but it broke off.. I’m surprised Grandma didn’t shove something else in her hands.. She’s usually pretty ingenius that way.”
Ricky : “Yeah like how she had Santa riding on a stuffed Bambi when she didn’t have a reindeer! We should think of something silly to put in the angel’s hand and see if Grandma even notices! I think she needs bagpipes!!”
Me : “Yeah.. I’ll keep an eye out for some tiny bagpipes…”
Ricky : “Sounds like a plan!”

Checking out Grandma's Lawn Ornaments

Ricky : “What is this thing??!”
Me : “It’s just a blown glass bulb thingy… It just looks pretty.”
Ricky : “Get a picture of my face in it!!”


Visiting Grandma

Ricky : “Today we’re visiting my Grandma in the hospital. Apparently her heart attacked her. I think it must have grabbed a hold of her hair in that attack because it’s a mess! DID YOUR HEART ATTACK YOUR HAIR TOO, GRANDMA??!”
Me : “Oh my gosh, Ricky! Stop yelling! We’re in the Intensive Care Unit and you’re not supposed to be yelling!”
Ricky : “And I don’t think YOU’RE supposed to be taking pictures in here either!”
Me : “Yeah. I know. SHH! I just wanted to let everyone know that Grandma is doing okay and for them to keep her in their thoughts.”
Ricky : “Well, make sure you blur her up good in the background. She’s gonna be mad if you share a picture of her when she doesn’t feel good.”
Me : “Done!”


Suckered by a Succulent

Ricky : “Sooooo… Mom went to her friend Stef’s wedding a few weeks ago.. Stef had a cactus/succulent themed wedding! She had a table with little things for people to take home and they had this little plant here. Right, Mom?!”
Me : “..yeah..”
Ricky : “So Mom and her friend Lisa looked through ALL the little plants, trying to find the prettiest ones to take home. Mom has a black thumb but she figured that these plants are easy to keep alive, RIGHT MOM??!!”
Me : “..yesss..”
Ricky : “So after she gets home my sister Paige is looking at Mom’s new plant and she says to Mom, ‘You know this is fake, right??!! The leaves have seams! Stick your finger down to the dirt!’ Mom stuck her finger down to the dirt and what happened, Mom??!!”
Me : “I found out that the dirt was plastic and and so was my plant..”
Ricky : “How many beers did you and Lisa have at that wedding, Mom??!”
Me : “One.. but I guess it was one too many.. That or I need to wear my glasses all the time.”


Group Photos Are Fun <=Sarcasm

Ricky : “Mom’s taking a group photo! Everyone behave!”
Rainie : “Crap! I got my shoes on!! Am I supposed to have shoes on??!”
Ricky : “Relax, Rainie! I’ve got mine on and so does Minka… Mom? Juju’s got no shirt on! Everyone’s gonna see her boobies..”
Me : “I don’t think that matters.. Bridgette? Are you sleeping??”
Bridgette : “Noooooo… But since I had to lay on the floor for this picture, I might as well pretend that I am! It gives me a chance to show off my awesome eyelids!!”
Ricky : “Mom! I tucked my dress down between my knees because I was feeling a draft by my coochie! I’m thinking my underwear was showing!! Can you see my underpants??!”
Me : “No. You’re all set. Can I take this picture now??!”
Ricky : “Snap away, Mommy Dearest!!”
Me : **groans**

Left to right
Seated – Minka (Secretdoll Ming) Ryan (Sandra Efigenio)
Back row – Moppet (HCBDolls), Pigeon (Bad Rabbit), Brooklyn (Pomipomari), Lupita (Tiina), Ricky (HCBDolls), Juju (Realpuki Soso), Latte (Sammydoe), Rainie (Vintagecity Gem), Nell (Kaleidoscope Kustoms), Daisy (HCBDolls)
Seated – Harry (Goldie), Hazel (Bad Rabbit)
Sleeping – Bridgette (WabiSabi Dolls)
Elephant – Egg by Beasttown
Pug – Chip by ThetaEridani